eCoupon LogoeCoupons. Why clip when you can just click?!

We certainly accept traditional manufacturer coupons, but who else is tired of cutting around those dotted lines? We’re thrilled to offer our Membership Card holders the chance to break free of the coupon clutter and load manufacturer offers directly to their card. It’s a quick process and once you’re set up, you can load coupons with a click.

NOTE: Your Membership Card must first be scanned in-store before you can start loading coupons to the account.

  1. Scan your Membership Card in-store. (If you don’t have a Membership Card, click here to get one.)
  2. Create an account using your e-mail address and a unique password.
  3. Select "My Stores," Click "Add Store" and then add the first 11 digits of your Membership Card number to the account.
  4. View "Offers" and load current coupon offers directly to your Membership Card.
  5. Shop the specified products in accordance with the coupon terms and note any specific purchase requirements or restrictions.
  6. Scan Membership Card at Checkout.
  7. Save money. Feel awesome.
Penny Saving Image