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While you don’t need a membership card to experience our unbelievable everyday prices, you’ll want one to benefit from our members’ Special Buys (where we reduce the price even more on our already unbelievable everyday prices) and While Supplies Last items. Plus, Membership Card holders can get additional savings by loading online manufacturer coupons directly to their Membership Card. Just shop, scan, save and repeat!

When you sign up as a member, you also have the option of providing an e-mail address to automatically receive our weekly e-mail—Money-mail—which is a sneak peek of our weekly flyer and special promotions delivered directly to your inbox! Just check the box to receive promotions and offers. And don’t worry—your secret to savings is kept safe with us. We do not share any customer information with anyone.

Your Membership Card is free. Enroll through the online application or fill out a printed application at the store. Just ask any sales associate for the form.

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